Prizes for best predictors
1 PlaceImmortal$8.05

Ripper's Reel

2 Place$3.95

Volatile Majesty

3 PlaceMythical$3.73

Fireborn Odachi

4 PlaceImmortal$3.64

Inscribed Shatterblast Crown

5 PlaceImmortal$3.53

Magus Apex

6 PlaceImmortal$2.64

Infernal Chieftain

7 PlaceLegendary$2.07

Genuine Flopjaw the Boxhound

8 PlaceImmortal$1.73

Inscribed Geodesic Eidolon

9 PlaceImmortal$1.64

Rampant Outrage

10 PlaceLegendary$1.57


There aren't any bets yet
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