Frequently asked questions

How it works?

In order to log in, you only need to perform authorization using the steam platform. Just a couple of clicks and you're in.

Complete simple quests

On the page of event you will be challenged with simple tasks, after performing which, you automatically become a participant in the prize draw.

Stay on the website

To receive the prize, you need to stay on the event page. In case if you get a gift, you will see a notification on the screen with an audio signal.

If a platform doesn't mark your quest completed

If you have completed the quest but it does not show up as accomplished, refresh the quest block. If this doesn't help either, contact our online support

A quest fails to complete after repost

Check your personal privacy settings. It should be visible for all users

Do not count the quest "Sign on twitch channel"

In the profile settings, update the twitch account by clicking the "Edit" button

If you have a problem, please contact us.

Click on Found a bug? Describe the problem, indicate your trade link and id for feedback, as well as attach screenshots showing the problem.

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